Sleep is very important for our bodies but also for our brains too. If we don’t get enough sleep then it can affect our focus, concentration and our mood the next day. If we are tired, we are less likely to have fun and enjoy ourselves.

Lots of neurodiverse children, young people and adults have problems with sleep and this can cause a lot of distress for them and their families.

Some people take something called melatonin to help them sleep, others work with their doctor and sleep specialists to find out if there are other issues causing them to stay awake, but most people have to work really hard to get into a good sleep routine.

We have made a Sleep Hygiene checklist for children and for teenagers for you to download which might help you with your bedtime routine. We have also made a sleep diary to help you monitor your sleep.

Other charities and organisations have resources for sleep that you might find helpful too.