Neurodivergent people

Several UK retailers have recognised that the shopping experience can sometimes be overwhelming and stressful for Neurodivergent and Disabled individuals and their families.

Initiatives such as ‘Autism Hour’ where shops and businesses reduce sensory overwhelm by dimming their lights and reducing noise to help create a calmer atmosphere. You can find out more about Autism Hour here on the National Autistic Society website.

Some retailers also recognise the Sunflower Lanyard scheme for hidden disabilities which acts as a discreet sign to staff and work colleagues that the wearer has a hidden disability and requires additional assistance.

You can find out more information about the scheme and how to register your business here on the Hidden Disabilities Store website.

The following list of retailers who support initiatives that recognise hidden disabilities is not exhaustive, please contact us if there is a retailer that you think should be included in our list.