One of the things that children and young people who are diagnosed with ADHD often feel frustrated with is the lack of information given to them after they are diagnosed.

There are a lot of support groups around the UK and you can find information about most of them on social media- but a lot of these groups are aimed at parents.

It is easy to feel alone when you have been told that you have a condition and it can be really confusing when you don’t understand what the condition means or how it affects you.

“I can’t work out if I’m angry because I’m an angry person or if ADHD makes me angry. It’s so confusing.” A, aged 9.

Understanding yourself, the way your brain works and talking to other children, young people and adults with ADHD can help you understand that you are not alone, that ADHD has just as many positive characteristics as challenges and lots of people with ADHD are successful and happy.

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